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About Us

Bill Brown

There is no doubt these are very difficult times for anyone trying to save the earth we live on.

As a retired broadcast journalist and a professional photographer this is my contribution to those fighting to save our oceans.

As our government hides from the rest of the world on issues such as global warming, it's up to us to spearhead the fight for our children's' futures.

We are treating this planet like we have someplace else to go...and we don't.

So enjoy these videos and let the peace of the ocean flow over you.

Use them to relax, to sleep better and to inform your friends about the seas plight.

The Highway 1 Project is literally your picture window on the coast.

Shot to be played on your biggest screens.

Audio that soothes and heals.

Help us fight the good fight...

Bill Brown

Film Maker and Ocean Lover

Lobos Coast Films

Bill and Steve share a love for truth and quality work product. Their shared interests in journalism and media, music, videography, production, Nevada and the California Coastline come together in the genesis of Lobos Coast Media. 

They are good friends doing great work for good people, causes and organizations. 

Steve Funk
Steve Funk.jpg

Transplanted to Northern Nevada from the Bay Area as a kid, Steve learned to love the special nature of Northern Nevada and appreciate the lifestyle of ‘Nevada Desert Rats’ while exploring the unique topography of the Great Basin in his first car, a beat-up ‘65 Toyota Landcruiser 4X4. While working as a billboard design artist, playing in cool local bands and attending UNR’s school of Journalism, he was working his beat for the Sagebrush newspaper when he stumbled on the little radio station KUNR, in a corner of the campus, and joined the staff. With his deep voice and ‘face for radio’ he then became notorious as one of the original staffers on 105.7 KOZZ and host of The Strawberry Electric Orange Popsicle Lunch, melding his love of music and our Silver State into a uniquely Nevada experience for the listener that precipitated his nomination to Nevada Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame. After a major market stint with CBS in San Francisco he returned to Reno to continue his media career, generating content and revenue, then executing a vision for a new kind of Rock radio that put KDOT, ‘Rock 104.5, on the air with the slogan, “Pure Rock… with Nevada’tude!”. In the new millennium, a segue to television and curiosity about emerging media rounded out Steve’s experience and set the stage for his transition to some form of Ad Man/Mad Man to create the award-winning NEON Agency where he managed Media and Public Relations. Steve has been married to his dearest friend, Cassie, for almost 50 years and shares her pride in their daughter Kevyn Ayn, a biologist and Master of Physical Therapy.

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